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The tasks solved by means of electronic trading platforms

Commodity markets expansion

Due to the fact that a great amount of companies are working on the electronic platforms there is a full offer-base that can be used by all members of the trading platforms. And the developed optimum mechanism of purchase and sale allows performing trade operations in a real-time operation mode.

The organization of tenders

For purchasing large consignments of goods trading platforms give their clients a possibility to organize tenders, as one of the most effective and favorable tools to do business. Today it is the most needed form of purchases carrying out because the trading platform doesn't lobby anybody's interests and guarantees impartiality in definition of the winner.

What helps your work to be effective

Electronic trading platforms are used as a marketing tool. Due to ETP it is easy to carry out the impact analysis of sales in your own company; to find out what kind of goods are in popular demand or the most profitable; to plan supply-and-demand. Moreover electronic trading platforms have powerful tools of statistics and analysis that give a unique opportunity to make right decisions on business development without additional expenditure. Having an access to a working zone in an electronic platform, the client can work independently: send or receive applications for bidding, contact the prospective partners directly, chase transactions, payments, delivery schedules.

Electronic trading platforms – members of AETP