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Rights and Duties of Members

The Association offers membership for business entities of any type sharing our objectives, government agencies and state-owned enterprises.

You as a Member Will Be Able to:

  • contact the Association’s governing bodies on any matters concerning its activities;
  • participate in managing the Association’s business and decision-making issues;
  • use services provided by the Association;
  • get information on the Association’s business and activities;
  • request data on the current state of General Meeting of Members’ decisions and your own suggestions being realized;
  • make suggestions for general meeting agendas;
  • contribute to work of specialized committees;
  • use the Association’s research materials;
  • access the Association’s database, use products and services provided by its members and take part on a privileged basis in the events held by the Association.

You as a Member Must:

  • comply with the requirementsof the Charter and other regulatory documents approved by the Association's General Meeting of Members and the Executive Board;
  • participate directly in realizing the Association's statutory objectives;
  • provide the Association's executives with the information that is essential for fulfillment of its statutory objectives;
  • perform in good faith tasks given by the Association's governing bodies;
  • pay membership dues and make special purpose contributions accurately in accordance with procedures established by decisions of authorized bodies.