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International tenders

The main purpose of the deployment strategy of AETP around the world is to unite efforts of all electronic trading systems in the development of international tenders, as well as the unification of the processes of electronic procurement - the creation of a “single window” for customers and suppliers regardless of their geographic location across all countries. Thus, AETP creates all the prerequisites and directly participates in the process of economic globalization, which includes:

  • Ensuring free trade and free movement of capital;
  • Budget savings of purchased company through tough competition in the electronic auctions;
  • Rapid dissemination of information about tenders around the world;
  • Providing access to constantly updated statistics and analytics on transnational tenders;
  • Providing ease of implementation and participation in tenders for both developed countries and for third world countries;
  • Exchange of experience, knowledge, information and statistics on state and municipal procurement.

For the successful implementation of transnational tenders, it is necessary to have special agreements and other documents governing the trade relations between countries, also the laws of this country should not contradict / prohibit such actions. As we know there is a World Trade Organization, which governs trade relations between member states. Thus, the WTO provides the opportunity for all member countries to conduct trading operations of transnational level based on the general conditions of the WTO protocol.

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