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Benefits for ETP

Now that the progress of Russian e-trading market has gained such momentum a new management standard for trading and purchasing businesses is being molded.

Existing electronic trading systems, used for the bulk of trading transactions, do not actualize their potential for growth. This is generally caused by e-traders' being regionally insulated and actually tied to a certain territory.

The AETP gives electronic trading platforms an opportunity to make a quantum leap in their development by integrating themselves into the Association. The solution provided by the AETP allows incorporating more than 30 e-trading platforms, including most influential constructors of automated purchasing and trading systems, without altering their technologies.

Benefits of Integration into the Association of Electronic Trading Platforms

Federal Network for Access to Global and Russian E-Trading Platforms

At the moment in Russian Federation there doesn't exist any e-trading platform having a regional network of divisions that would help attract new customers and provide access to trading activities along with proper training on methods and procedures for suppliers and their clients, government contract carriers and contracting officers. The Association offers you to use a one-stop access solution by contacting our local chapters that assist customers in connecting to e-trading platforms and give them necessary guidance on options available in automated trading systems, regardless of their location.

Broaden Your Database of Suppliers and Customers

The notification system is designed to enable you to spread information about potential clients and planned bidding processes not only among the suppliers of a definite region but also among all registered users of the Association's unified system, including those in the near abroad and other foreign countries.

Information security of e-traders is ensured by means of public-key encryption methods and the use of digital signature

The use of digital signature in e-trading was legally recognized by the federal laws 94-FZ and 218-FZ that impose procedures of trading and purchasing activities for enterprises owned by the state as well as by local governments.

One of the crucial points in e-trading field is to ensure e-traders' authenticity and protect data streams, communicated in the course of bidding and trading processes.

As, under law No 94-FZ, one may use soft copies of documents for trading the problem of electronic documentation files' being legally valid has acquired a pivotal position, especially when government contract details or bidding information are placed online. The needed security is provided by encryption and the utilization of digital signature.

Due to interaction between Russian e-trading systems and certifications authorities you will be granted not only a possibility to protect your digital data but also a tool for keeping an eye on all users of the system signed in.

Searching ways and devices to solve the mentioned problems and inspired by the accreditation system created by the Principal Scientific Research Center of the Federal Tax Service of Russia (GNIVC FNS), the Association has designed and successfully implemented its own Certificate Authority Accreditation Technology. According to this solution an authorized body inspects and surveys business processes of certificate authorities that aim to distribute digital signature at electronic trading platforms. In compliance with the check-out procedure essential documentation is collected and analyzed, along with a verifying review, in order to make sure that the procedure of getting a digital signature meets the provisions of the law.

Obviously, the existent certificate authority network will favorably enable you to use a single digital signature for bidding and trading processes at all the platforms of the Association, and thus shall reduce not only financial charges but also time expenditures for getting a digital signature.

Use of the Analytical System of the Association for Planning Your Further Steps

All the information you need on running auctions and tenders is accumulated to be obtainable by all the interested parties, increasing your business efficiency, as you will be able to schedule your trading activities and work out strategies, calculate ask prices and overview market dynamics.

Continuous technical support of the client

The Association's Technical Support Service, working twenty-four-seven, enables you to bring down the risk of technical issues and errors when at an e-trading platform.

We hope that collaboration will help us create a united e-trading communication system, that shall allow to figure out your current problems and achieve your long-cherished aims.