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Installation and application of EDS. User’s Guide

In this section you can find a manual for working with electronic digital signature (EDS). A guide is attached as a separate file and contains information on EDS application and the procedure of its acquisition.

The manual concerns the aspects which may cause difficulty for the lecturer conducting the seminar and for EDS users. Logically structured, it consists of several chapters and paragraphs, each of which touches upon a particular topic.

Step by step you will learn about what a digital signature is and why you need it, about Russian laws, regulating the application of EDS. A separate chapter is devoted to possible risks and methods how to avoid mistakes in the work. The guide touches the problems of EDS adoption, faced by Electronic Trading Platforms (ETP) EDS, and offers proven methods to solve them.

Besides, the guide includes step-by-step instructions how to acquire EDS, install and configure hardware and software to work with it, and also contains a list of used terms and acronyms, which helps you to navigate in the subject area.

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Contents of a manual

  1. Legislation on Digital Signatures in Russia
    • Federal Law No. 24-FZ of the Russian Federation «On information, informatization and protection of information», dated February 20, 1995. The notion of an electronic document
    • Federal Law No. 1-FZ of the Russian Federation «On electronic digital signature», dated January 10, 2002
    • Certification Authority
    • Functions of the Certification Authority (CA)
    • The notion of a public key certificate
    • Obligatory information contained in the public key certificate
    • Validity of EDS
    • The owner of EDS
    • Documents required for EDS acquisition
    • Public and corporate information systems
  2. What is «Digital Signature»?
    • The notion of «digital signature»
    • Reasons to use EDS
    • Private and public keys
    • Asymmetric encryption
    • EDS generation
    • EDS application
  3. Risks associated with EDS
    • Non-compliance of safety requirements using EDS and private keys
    • Inattentive work with proxies
  4. The main problems faced by the ETP in the EDS implementation
  5. Our solution of urgent problems
  6. Certification Authority choosing
  7. EDS acquisition
  8. The standard package supplied by CA
  9. Installing and configuring of hardware and software for work with EDS
  10. Technical Support
  11. Terms and abbreviations