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Procedure for joining

The procedure of joining for new participants of the Association of Electronic Trading Platforms is carried out in accordance with its Charter and Regulations for Membership.

To obtain membership you have to:

  • fill in the application form for joining the AETP and e-mail it to aetp@aetp.ru. The original application with all attachments required is to be mailed to the following postal address: Lusinovskaya st., 36, building 1, Moscow, Russia, 115093;
  • the application will be considered during 7 days after we receive your e-mail on the account of which a preliminary decision to accept a new participant is taken;
  • an applicant becomes a member after the application is approved by the Executive Board meeting.

For further information please call:

  • (831) 435-50-81 add. 175

Contact: Alexey V. Senchenkov