FAS of Russia EDS in Russia, Single Portal

What is a Regional Center?

Any organization willing to stay abreast of contemporary marketing is interested in largest possible sales and servicing volumes. Nowadays any field of trading can be most effectively and progressively arranged in electronic form.

Problems that the participants of e-commerce may face

  • remoteness (access to trading platforms at times proves complicated for purchasers and suppliers that are located in various regions of Russia and abroad)
  • divergence of technologies (customers and suppliers exhibit adaptation anxiety caused by diversity of technical solutions for e-trading systems)
  • scattered information (lack of data on working ETPs, tenders and auctions being held, bid prices and purchase volumes etc.)
  • vicissitudes of legislation and law enforcement (rapid changes in both local and common laws on tendering and government procurement, differences in local and corporate regulation).

To ensure trouble-free performance, quick search and easy access to state-owned, local government or commercial ETPs for suppliers and their clients, The Association of Electronic Trading Platforms has opened up its Regional Centers in most federal subjects of the Russian Federation.

Services for Suppliers and Customers

  • connection to the Association’s trading platforms needed by suppliers and their customers;
  • management consulting on working regulation and procedures in various trading systems;
  • access to business intelligence materials and relational reports on bidding processes, tenders and auctions carried out at various ETPs;
  • counseling on different local, federal and international matters of law enforcement and legislation in government procurement field.

Workflow and Interaction

You contact your local Regional Center, and we inform you on options and opportunities available for your electronic trading in Russia. You select the platforms you want to trade at and request connection according to your list. Continuous and consistent technical support by our specialists is always at hand in order to minimize the risk of technical errors.