FAS of Russia EDS in Russia, Single Portal


Legal support of trading

Comprehensive support of electronic trading: from forming EDS to making government contract.


Insurance of civil liability of organizers of trading and operators of electronic platforms which provide the conduction of open trading in electronic form when selling property of debtors in the course of procedures which are used in bankruptcy cases.

Access to Self-Regulated Organization (SRO)

Getting the access to SRO for building companies which aim at participating in government order and commercial trading. It is implemented in the sectors of SRO-Construction, SRO-Designing, SRO-investigation.

Partnership program

Business-model of cooperation of companies which operate in a common sphere. Many companies from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan take part in the program.


Training center of AETP was founded in 2009. Now audience can get theoretical knowledge concerning all questions of placing of government order and electronic auctions.

Financial services

Professional support of financial experts for companies which actively participate in trading and are interested in increasing competitiveness in the market.

Licensing of cryptographic activity

The services for getting license of FSB of Russia for the activity connected with cryptographic tools.

Delivery of certified carriers

Participation in the procedures of placing order in electronic trading platforms requires the use of certified key carriers for storing of key certificate and electronic signature.